Leaders of healthcare organizations are skilled multi-taskers who must, among other things, maintain operational success, ensure financial stability, enforce state and federal regulation compliance, be knowledgeable in Human Resources management, and utilize their knowledge, experience, judgment, and problem-solving abilities to mitigate any issues that may arise during regular operations.

At Leading Management Solutions, we understand the daily struggles faced by healthcare organizations. We would like to be a resource to you and guide you on your path to success and profitability. Our clients appreciate the quality of our services, a superior customer service experience, current and easy-to- use tools and reports, our accessibility, and our responsiveness. We welcome new challenges and work hard to overcome them in an efficient and effective manner. Contact us today to find out how we can work together and accomplish your goals on your journey to success.

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100% Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

Most of our services can be done completely virtually at your convenience so we can serve medical practices across the United States. These services are specified on our What We Do page. All communication will be carried out through phone meetings, screen-shares and remote connections, and secure emails and faxes.

Our company can be a great resource to you by providing the following services:

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One Week Full Practice Audit

This comprehensive audit will thoroughly evaluate your practice’s processes  in the areas of general operations, finances, human resources, strategic planning, billing and coding, risk and compliance management, safety of patient care and care coordination, patient-centered care, IT infrastructure and security, and revenue diversification. Your practice’s final report will include our findings, benchmarking charts comparing your performance to industry standards in your area, as well as easy-to-follow recommendations for improvement to optimize processes, achieve greater patient and employee satisfaction, and increase revenue. A coding audit by a Certified Coding Auditor will be included, as well as a review of your financial statements by a professional CPA.

E-Assessment now Available at a lower cost! Check out our What We Do page for more details.

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Security Risk Assessment

We will evaluate your practice’s security and privacy safeguards to ensure that you are compliant with all regulations. This could help prevent an embarrassing and costly PHI breach, while also providing you with the necessary documentation to satisfy Meaningful Use requirements and protect them in the event of an ONC audit.

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Billing & Collections

Collection of data and analysis of your practice’s claims submission process, Accounts Receivable distribution and denial rates, as well as consulting on patient collections including point-of- service collections, patient statements, and other various techniques on improving collection rates. A coding audit is performed as well to ensure correct coding practices.

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Leadership Development

Management training on best practices, knowledge, and resources needed to run a healthcare practice. The training also includes a psychological component, teaching the manager how to utilize emotional intelligence to better engage employees and increase employee productivity, as well as improve workplace morale.

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Customer Service Training

Employee training (group or individual) on improving customer service and patient relations, increasing the collection rate of patient payments, as well as on various healthcare-specific customer service regulations including HIPAA.