4 Tips for Doctors Getting Started on Facebook


As a medical professional or doctor, you know the importance of getting on the Internet and getting
in front of your targeted audience. And there isn’t any denying social media’s power, which includes Facebook. The great thing is, you may get on Facebook, and develop your business page and in one hour be marketing, locating, and getting in front of the ones who you have a desire to reach. These days, social media also goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. Here are 4 tips to getting you started on Facebook:

Make Your Facebook Page

Follow the directions from Facebook. Utilize your business name as the page’s name. Make certain you include details in the about section, fascinating images, your hours, compelling reason to get in touch with you, and so on.

While I do not think that you will get any kind of ‘duplicate content’ penalty due to the use of the same bio on the about section of your Facebook page and your website, you should write something unique for your visitors on Facebook. You also will want to develop a customized Facebook background photo.


After making the page, start to connect with your target audience. It always is easiest by initially inviting friends to like the page. Facebook will show you how to do this easily. Also, you may take out some pay per click advertisements on Facebook to boost your Likes.

If you use PPC to obtain followers make certain that you test everything used so you can ensure to just use the advertisements which are converting. Provide a link to the Facebook page on your site, if you have a business newsletter or email invoices to clientele, add your Facebook link there, too. While it will not bring you in a lot of business doing this, it will not hurt and does not take a lot of effort.

Become Active

Avoid not saying anything for days or weeks at a time. It will give the impression that you are not interacting with your followers, or that you’re too busy for them, or even worse, your business is in trouble. You effectively can manage your Facebook and additional social networks for a couple of hours a week. Create and maintain high quality posts which interest your followers and which are likely to be shared. Some ideas for posts involve:

-Answering frequently asked questions

-Making a video tour of the office

-Video introducing your staff to your followers

-Photos of your patients

-Funny or interesting news in your industry


Network with additional small businesses which are in your target market or geographic area. If you like their Facebook page, they often will like yours back. Not only this, you’ll get to know their business, they’ll become familiar with your business, and maybe you or them might have a need for each other’s business services in the future.

I know spending hours on the Internet doing marketing for your practice is not on the top of your list. Bump it up a couple of notches on your list, and begin with it sooner than later. If you’re consistent, the time placed into it will be worth it.

Leading Management Solutions offers social media marketing to healthcare practitioners. We offer development of a social media presence on selected social media platforms. This includes regular posting of quotes, articles, and relevant information that should be shared on your business page. We offer addition of followers and expansion of your network. We interact with your followers. Management of Facebook ad campaign also available. Possible platforms include:






-Google +


The price is $200-$400/ month depending on desired frequency of posts and number of platforms. Request quote based on specific needs or call (407) 674-1916.


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       Kristen Brady

Kristen Brady is the founder and owner of Kaboom Social Media, your social media marketing and content specialists! Follow her on Twitter: @kb54927

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