5 Predictions for Healthcare in 2017


Join us as we gaze into our snow-covered crystal ball for 5 predictions for healthcare in 2017.

Video games that promote health and wellness are going to make waves

Everybody was abuzz in 2016 about Pokemon Go’s capability of getting individuals outdoors. We expect this success to run over into the healthcare sector in which “gamification” long has been a buzzword, yet there has not been enough understanding that surrounds its possible impact, which only led to half-hearted attempts. We expect even more games to be introduced in 2017 which build upon this principle. If you need some inspiration, I recommend peering across the pond to the Netherlands in which the organization Grendel Games has been developing healthcare-facing games which feel like actual video games. Here’s one example of making rehabilitation exercises a joy by permitting individuals to play as a gryphon:


Our guess for 2017 (which piggybacks on TechCrunch’s piece): huge strides in games utilizing virtual reality that promotes mental health.

Someone is going to raise a lot of funds to create WeWork/WeLive for the elderly

We think in 2017 a company is going to make inroads in reimagining the concept of assisted living by developing a community concentrated housing choice for seniors. We witnessed how WeWork took the movement of co-working and turned it upside down by making huge real estate investments and developing a certain experience for its users. Since then they’ve moved into co-living for young, hip professionals using WeLive, yet where’s the solution that targets the 60 and up crowd? By this time in 2018, we believe the leader in this area is going to become a lot more clear and we’ll be better off for it.

Infrastructure failing will cause a public health disaster that is similar to Flint, Michigan

The water crisis in Flint is a horrifying and well-documented case of the possible population health concerns of a crumbling infrastructure, and we do not think it’s the last. It’s a case of the piper coming by to collect his debts and more neighborhoods are going to be rocked before enough focus is put on investing in our infrastructure around the nation to prevent catastrophes in the future. This author’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin currently is handling a massive issue of lead in water pipes and we foresee likewise stories popping up all throughout 2017.

Medical diagnostic devices for in-home use revolutionize Telemedicine and will become ubiquitous such as Fitbit

Groups such as Tytocare finally have gained approval by the FDA to bring consumer-facing, clinical grade, easy-to-use devices allowing patients to administer readings on loved ones and themselves that may be utilized by caregivers. We foresee a skyrocketing of such devices in houses countrywide over the course of this new year.

We’ll witness a substantial increase in voluntary healthcare/services for the wealthy

We have witnessed the cryotherapy trend explode in the fitness community, as well as subscription healthcare services such as Parsley Health are starting to target the Lululemon-and-pressed-juice consumer, and offer advanced wellness and health coaching beyond the traditional primary care doctor. We foresee more entrepreneurs developing healthcare-facing options that just target America’s wealthiest.

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