6 Tenets of Healthcare Search Engine Optimization


There isn’t any need for a clinician to be researching SEO techniques and strategies. Below are 6 principles to remember in hopes of providing words of comfort to obsessive Google Narcissists:

High rankings on Google matter a lot

What is important is not ranking for every search term, yet ranking for the proper terms, as can be defined by a mix of: a) what the practice provides and wants to promote amongst its services, and b) more importantly, what healthcare consumers already are searching for online.

No website may be on page one for every search term

Generally, the 20/80 rule applies here: 20% of the keywords often will produce 80% of organic site traffic.

Organic rankings on search engines are ever changing

Rankings constantly change, oftentimes by the hour, due partially to searchers changing searches. But, in most instances Leading Management Solutions has the ability to consistently hold a page one ranking for our clientele for the more critical search terms.

Human response is critical to efficient SEO

Google will base its rankings mainly on what its users link to from additional sites and on what they view and click in search results. Every click and link is a vote. Every vote will help that web page go higher in the rankings.

Choice of keyword should be a content function

One common myth is that you ought to choose keywords for SEO to bring traffic to a site. That isn’t quite accurate. Rather, the idea includes picking content based upon what you wish to promote and what individuals are already searching for.

Content is king of SEO

Search engine optimization is about fulfilling a human being’s informational needs. Keep this as your main priority and you will be rewarded.

Leading Management Solutions offers Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Services to healthcare practices. We can put together a professional, stylish, well-researched and well written SEO website that will create an impressive web presence and help a practice attract new patients. For more details contact us at (407) 674-1916.


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