Top 7 Medical EHRs

Chrono Dr. Chrono offers a pristine medical electronic health records system, with an easy and intuitive user interface. It offers completely integrated practice software. From practice management to medical billing, they have you covered. One big feature with this platform is their medical speech to text tool, which allows you to verbalize all your notes … Continue reading Top 7 Medical EHRs

How to Start a Medical Practice

Starting a medical practice after going through medical school or working for another doctor can be a daunting goal, especially with student debt racking up from undergraduate to graduate school. But it’s not an impossible task. This post will be going over the steps required to start a medical practice.

Diabetes Management in the Future

According to the most recent WHO estimates, 422 million individuals suffer from diabetes around the world – and that figure is steadily growing. That means that 1 person in 11 must manage the severe condition on a day-to-day basis, which may lead to amputation, kidney failure, heart attack, or stroke. Here are 3 ways diabetes … Continue reading Diabetes Management in the Future

Virtual Reality Companies are Changing Psychology

Here are the top 3 virtual reality companies bringing change to psychology: Psious now treating phobias of human beings differently The American and Spanish behavioral health technology business, Psious provides special treatment for psychological conditions like fear of needles, flying, a variety of animals, general anxiety, public speaking, or agoraphobia. With the assistance of VR, … Continue reading Virtual Reality Companies are Changing Psychology

What is an Artificial Womb?

In the future, human beings will no longer be born; instead they’ll be “grown” inside fluid-filled sacks that resemble an artificial womb. Viable humans even would be picked from fields that are full of artificial wombs; then we’d arrive to The Matrix world. Plus, even if Neo won’t need to battle agents and artificial reality … Continue reading What is an Artificial Womb?