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For sub-specialists and specialists, new clinical information and conditions seldom evolve quite as voluminously or quickly as with primary care. The net effect is that updates to websites may be at around 50% the frequency: at least approximately one time each two months. This type of modest frequency will convey some sense of regular activity on a website.

Usually, a blog posting is the most effective, easiest update to a practice’s site, as blogs may be conversational in tone. Also, they do not require a referenced, more structured form of doctor-patient writing mandated by journals or website articles with the goal of broadening patient education.

As with the instance for primary-care bloggers, specialists subjects may reflect what generally is in the recent news that is pertinent to that specialty. Perhaps the best way of coming up with ideas rapidly is to perform a search for any specialty-associated treatment or condition on Google News.

Or just do a quick search on one of the health-consumer-related sites like CNN Health, WebMD, or MedLinePlus, the patient-associated website published by the NIH.

What are some blog ideas for specialists?

Cardiology: New studies reveal more about why eating red meat is bad for your heart – intestinal bacteria will convert carnitine, the protein building block which especially is plentiful in venison, lamb and beef, into compounds which speed up thickening and hardening of artery walls. Therefore, how much red meat are you able to safely consume?

Neurology: Now that cannabis is legal in some areas, what do studies reveal about its long-range effects on brain functioning?

Pulmonology: In all the excitement with electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, what are some of the hidden risks?

Such blogs can have not just a positive effect on consumers and assist in building trust in the providers; they also can assist in improving search engine rankings, therefore boosting providers’ online visibility.

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