About Us

About Our Company

We are a healthcare management solutions company aimed at guiding health care organization leaders to reach maximum employee performance, increased revenue, and overall growth and success. Our years of experience and education in healthcare management make us confident that we can add value to your organization, and are proud to offer you the following:

About the Founder

Sonda Eunus manages a primary care pediatric practice with three locations in MarionCounty, FL. She holds a Masters’ degree in Healthcare Management, and a BA in Psychology. She strongly believes that the success of every organization stems directly from its employees—if you can engage and motivate your employees to truly believe in your vision, success will follow. The healthcare industry is no different, albeit with additional rules and regulations to know and follow for organizational compliance.

Sonda’s mix of work experience and education has taught her the importance of empowering employees and leading them on a success path to organizational efficiency and superior performance. Continuous training and education, led by an inspired and compassionate manager, is crucial for employees to be able to autonomously perform at their maximum potential and be confident in their actions. It is with this is mind that Sonda has developed the services that Leading Management Solutions now provides.


Client Individuality

  • All documents, consulting, and improvement plans will be customized to fit your organization. Each company’s journey will be different, and we will strive to ensure that each organization achieves their own version of success.

Existing Business Contacts

  • We have an extensive list of industry professionals that we have worked with in the past whom we can utilize or reach out to as a resource when necessary.

Quality of Products
and Services

  • All reports and documents will be developed specifically for your organization, and put together from the perspective of healthcare managers. They will be easy to understand, utilize, and implement to improve operations. They will be kept current and updated to keep up with new industry information and regulations.
  • All materials and knowledge disseminated, or advice given, will stem from hands-on experience managing healthcare practices, industry associations such as MGMA, HFMA, and PAHCOM, evidence-based best practices in healthcare management, graduate-level healthcare management textbooks, published scholarly articles, reputable industry websites, discussions with credible authorities on the subject, and in line with federal and state regulations.
  • Any agents acting on behalf of our company will be subjected to extensive and continuous training and education to ensure that superior service is delivered to each client, each time.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

  • We are available to our clients by phone, text, or email and will respond to all inquiries in 2 hours or less (unless extensive research is required, but the request will still be acknowledged in a timely manner) within the hours of 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri. You can also contact us outside of those hours, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.
  • We are also able to connect with our clients through desktop-sharing applications for regular meetings or as necessary.

Competent Company Leadership and Management

  • Our core team has a unique blend of education and work experience including healthcare management, customer service, and business development. We are committed to ongoing education, further learning, and self-development through graduate school degrees, additional courses, healthcare management association memberships, abundant reading on industry topics, and continuous leadership and management seminars. We strive to utilize and share our knowledge library to identify workflow inefficiencies, optimize operational processes, and simplify the art of management, leadership, and training.

Stellar Customer Service
and a Superior Client

Our company is known for our positive energy, our passion for what we do, and our can-and- will-do attitude. Anyone employed by, or acting on behalf of, our company possesses and displays these core values. Each client will receive our full attention and our gratitude for allowing us to be a part of their journey to success.