Diabetes Management in the Future

According to the most recent WHO estimates, 422 million individuals suffer from diabetes around the world – and that figure is steadily growing. That means that 1 person in 11 must manage the severe condition on a day-to-day basis, which may lead to amputation, kidney failure, heart attack, or stroke. Here are 3 ways diabetes will be managed in the future:

Digital Contact Lenses

Even though the search engine Google halted in the development of Google Glass, its augmented reality glass, they didn’t give up on blending technology and vision. Novartis and the search engine giant signed a contract to cooperate on the creation of the digital contact lens that was patented in the year 2014. According to their plans, through this lens, it is possible to gain more data from the digital realm plus it has the ability measure levels of blood glucose from tears as an extra benefit.


Isn’t it more exciting to make the diabetes creature satisfied than to boringly measure levels of blood glucose? There already are companies that leverage on your inner child. These will include incredible applications for phones which may assist you in efficiently managing diabetes. An Austrian company, MySugr, released a multitude of apps which may add a bit of gamification to traditional diabetes management applications. Watch the app in action: https://youtu.be/BTWqq1EZWFs

Artificial pancreas

Basically, the artificial or bionic pancreas will replicate a healthy version of how the organ performs on its own, and it’ll enable patients with diabetes to live a simpler life in a sustainable way. This device has the ability to constantly measure blood glucose levels and decide on the insulin delivery. Boston University engineers created a bionic pancreas system which uses continual glucose monitoring in conjunction with subcutaneous generation of both rapid-acting insulin, as well as glucagon as instructed by a computer algorithm.


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