Top 3 Medical Technology Advances

As there are so many incredible things going on around the world in healthcare and medicine, a shortlist of 3 of the greatest developments and ideas would offer us a glimpse into medicine’s future.

Augmented reality

Digital contact lenses patented by Google have the aim of changing the course of diabetes management by measuring levels of blood glucose from tears. As the prototype is undergoing strict testing, regulations have prepared to rapidly permit the disruptive technology to enter the marketplace and benefit patients. Also, Microsoft Hololens may change medical education, as well as how we view the world by projecting digital data onto what we’re seeing. A German clinic began to experiment with an app using augmented reality upon iPads inside the operating room. During surgeries, surgeons may see through anatomical structures like blood vessels inside the liver without having to open organs; thereby they may perform more exact excisions.

Google Brain

Ian Pearson’s book, You Tomorrow, discussed the probability of one day having the ability to develop digital selves based upon neurological data. It’ll mean we would upload our minds to a computer then live on inside a digital form. As Google employed Ray Kurzweil to develop the ultimate AI controlled brain, the opportunity shouldn’t be so far away. We may have been searching for the secret of immortality in all the wrong areas.

Recreational cyborgs


Advances in the future of medical technology won’t just fix physical disadvantages like impaired eyesight, but will also develop superhuman powers from having the hearing of a bat to the eyesight of an eagle. While an individual wearing implanted pacemakers or defibrillators can also be added to the cyborg group, I expect to witness more instances when individuals request the implantation of a specific device without having any medical issues.


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