Lead As If All of Your Employees Are Volunteers

By Kristen Brady

The majority of companies aren’t startups, and even amongst the ones which are, most won’t have IPOs which make the founding talent rich. Many businesses just have staff, which it pays. Therefore, this vesting period often isn’t a problem. Talent, instead, is poached by social networks or recruiters or, heck, talent will take the initiative to discover something better. It’ll happen all year long, each year.

Guess what? As our economy picks up, this process too, will speed up.

Money always will be a factor for some individuals, and no matter what you attempt, some of the most talented performers are going to leave for a better offer financially. You probably can provide someone a 20 percent increase in pay to keep them; you more than likely can’t offer them a repeat amount of IPO riches.


However, for the majority of us, money only begins the conversation. It’ll absolutely get our attention. Offer someone too little, and they’ll take it as a slap in the face, or even that you are not serious. You will not get that initial interview.

However, there are so many more critical reasons to want to be employed with a company, and even more to remain with one that we have grown to love!

Team leaders, CEOs, and all people in between: if your employees do not love your company after 4 years of employment (or 4 months, or 4 quarters…), that is on you.

Does your company have the pick of the employee litter? Are your top employees dying to remain on board? If the answer is no, it is not that they are ungrateful, and it is not that your competition is luring them away. It is that, as a leader, you suck.

Act like every employee is a volunteer. Because basically, they are.

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