Six Ways to Market your Healthcare Organization

By Kristen Brady

For most individuals, grasping the following 6 basic building blocks will take all the guesswork out of healthcare marketing:

Professional Referral Marketing

Continuous and reliable streams of inbound patient referrals from additional dental, medical, or additional professional sources includes the lifeline of most specialty providers. Whether it is a secondary or primary channel, professional referral sources must not be taken for granted. Physician referrals don’t just happen by magic or merely because you’re an excellent provider. Success will require a written plan and unfailing system of preserving and growing the professional referral flow.

Internet Marketing

From social media tools and websites, to mobile apps and patient portals, online marketing includes a mainstream channel for advertising, public relations, and marketing. Precisely how you utilize the muscle of the digital highway may be highly profitable and effective, or a massive waste of money and time.


It’s all about standing out in the crowd, of course, in a positive way, and it’ll include pretty much everything you do. A differentiating, powerful brand for your healthcare organization is a portion of your reputation. Effective and meaningful branding doesn’t happen without a deliberate effort to express and shape the proper message at the proper time.

Internal Marketing

It’ll include all the means and ways you communicate with individuals who already are familiar with you, mainly previous and present patients. Depending upon the nature of your situation or practice, this influential audience may be a robust referral resource, extra services, word-of-mouth advertising, and/or testimonials.

External Marketing

These include the media which reach potential patients who do not know you. Advertising on radio, in newspapers, billboards, television, etc., target an audience which must know you offer an answer for all their healthcare needs.

Public Relations

PR includes, amongst other things, generating and planning healthcare publicity, as well as free press exposure, like broadcast interviews and newspaper articles.

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About the Author:

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