Top 3 Ways Healthcare Managers Can Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

By Kristen Brady


These 3 steps may help healthcare managers concentrate and streamline the impact-planning and goal-setting process — then turn employee engagement results to clinical improvements:

Begin with the bigger picture

Healthcare leaders enjoy information. However, some love information so much, they’ll get lost in the figures and forget the reason behind collecting them. High performance managers can interpret and understand their employee engagement results of surveys; however, they do not lose sight of the eventual objective: developing better outcomes for employees and patients. By routinely communicating the outcomes and purpose of higher engagement, managers offer direction and set a firm foundation up for improvement.

Talk about your purpose

Most managers do not have talks about employee engagement often enough or consistently with their staff. However, to maintain commitment and momentum, managers have to make discussions concerning engagement that is central to team communications. Good managers ensure their staff may answer the following questions:
What is in it for our patients?
What it is in it for the organization?
What is in it for the team?

Have a goal at improving an operational or clinical outcome

As your staff knows the bigger picture and how engagement produces improved outcomes, set an operational or clinical goal — like decreasing patient falls, reducing readmissions, or cutting central line-related bloodstream infections – as well as make accomplishing it a priority for your department or unit. Talk about why this objective is critical, and ask the team to identify team and individual strengths which may assist them in meeting it. Below are a few questions to spark these talks:
What certain actions might we take to improve the outcome?
Where are our strengths as a team? How might we use those strengths to assist us in meeting our objective?
What objective should our employees concentrate on for the following several months? What might make the largest difference for our patients?


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