Want More Patients? Be on Time!

Originally published on March 12, 2017 at www.lmshealthpro.com.

By Kristen Brady

Do you want more patients? It’s possible to easily do this by simply making the commitment to be on-time as a physician. This post provides you practical tips to make you an on-time physician which will assist in generating more patients for your practice.
Are you able to imagine the response of the patient who was forced to wait:

  • 6 weeks to get an appointment
  • 1 hour in the reception room to see the medical assistant or PA,
  • One additional hour to see the physician who spends under 5 minutes with a patient,
  • 2 more weeks to get an imaging study or lab work,
  • An additional 2 weeks to assess the results with a patient, and, lastly
  • several more weeks to get insurance authorization for medicine, or for a procedure that was medically necessary?


A physician may create an on-time philosophy by committing to get to the office 15 to 20 minutes prior to seeing patients at 9 AM. It’s the time to have a short meeting with your staff. Make sure that all of the reports are inside the EMR, that patients who have special needs are immediately taken care of, and all emergency or urgent calls be made prior to seeing patients.
The team knows that the physician is on time and is going to be placing patients inside a room before 9 AM in order for the patient and doctor to start the day in a timely manner.
I then recommend that all practices reserve a 15 to 20-minute slot each afternoon and every morning. These are for all emergencies, urgencies, or new patients who have to be seen on the exact same day. The slot can’t be provided to any other person, yet is reserved for any last minute cases which are common in many practices.
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