Virtual Reality Companies are Changing Psychology

Here are the top 3 virtual reality companies bringing change to psychology:

Psious now treating phobias of human beings differently

The American and Spanish behavioral health technology business, Psious provides special treatment for psychological conditions like fear of needles, flying, a variety of animals, general anxiety, public speaking, or agoraphobia. With the assistance of VR, patients will get into situations that are fearful for them under the consistent control of a doctor. Their job includes facing their fears and slowly allowing them to go, while their imagination is assisted by virtual reality. So far, the results are more than encouraging!

Virtually Better provides virtual reality exposure therapy for phobias, depression, or anxiety

The pioneering virtual reality company founded in 1996, Virtually Better, provides, among others, an exposure therapy for those who suffer with anxiety disorders, PTSD, and certain phobias. The technology permits clinicians to circumvent most of the challenges related to other kinds of exposure therapy; as well as treat problematic areas which many clinicians merely lack the resources to efficiently treat. In most cases, it’s just not enough to tell a patient to imagine her or his biggest fear to resolve the problem – otherwise a patient wouldn’t actually require the intervention of an expert.

Bravemind frees soldiers from PTSD

Even though not only soldiers and war veterans experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), but also abuse or sexual assault victims, Bravemind is mostly for combat-associated PTSD.


This VR Exposure Therapy was created by a science team with the University of Southern California. It’ll permit clinicians to slowly immerse patients inside virtual environments that are representative of their traumatic experiences within a stepwise, controlled fashion. They’ll control the multi-sensory emotional stimuli that patients receive, as well as observe the intensity of a patient’s stress responses through psychophysiological assessment methods and advanced brain imaging.


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