Top 7 Medical EHRs

  1. Chrono

Dr. Chrono offers a pristine medical electronic health records system, with an easy and intuitive user interface. It offers completely integrated practice software. From practice management to medical billing, they have you covered. One big feature with this platform is their medical speech to text tool, which allows you to verbalize all your notes without being forced to use a keyboard. Their EHR system also allows you to order labs and prescriptions directly form the patients chart. The system also comes with a patient scheduling tool that allows the user to optimize their practice calendar while automatically sending email and text reminders to patients.

  1. Matrix Care

Matrix Care’s CareAssist tool is limited to aiding medical providers with ordering medication for patients. They claim their software decreases errors by up to 70%. They also offer several other medical focused software. Their Marketing suite acts as a customer relationship management tool, which allows the user to track leads through predefined marketing outreach efforts. Matrix Care’s MealTracker is a web-based nutrition system designed for patients that automates meal planning. They also offer a workforce management application designed specifically for medical providers, which helps control overtime costs and avoid gaps in care.

  1. Kareo

Kareo is a cloud based electronic health record system that was designed by their team of doctors. Since it is cloud based, there’s no software to download and no hardware to install. After you sign up, it allows to you create a login in and provide some basic information, then it’s ready to use. When you start, you will be assigned a dedicated success coach that will guide you through the process of using their application. The platform allows for medication to be e-prescribed right through the EHR.  It also allows the user to automate labs through their platform with the eLabs feature. Kareo gives users easy access to their medical and billing information through their integrated patient portal. It also has a scheduling calendar and messaging platform for medical staff to use.

  1. Carbon Health

Carbon Health is a game-changing application that allows patients to speak with doctors from home, through their phone-based app. The app is automated and allows users to pick out their symptoms for a diagnosis, which saves the medical providers time, so they can focus more on treatment for their patients. It allows patients to schedule clinic visits by chatting directly with their medical provider. Carbon Health’s app also allows patients to settle their bills, access their health records, and have prescriptions delivered directly to the patient. Carbon health is currently restricted to the San Francisco Bay area.

  1. NextGen

Their EHR user interface also appears to be dated, although it appears to be easy to use. It has an alert system of items that need to be reviewed before you see the patient. Inside of the chart, there are tabs that are associated with each step of seeing a patient. There are also alerts that aid medical providers with risk assessment. There are alerts for care guidelines that display what guidelines should be acted upon. The platform also allows for automated registry reporting to meet regulatory requirements and commercial quality initiatives.

  1. DocLinks

DocLinks has a fully integrated practice management system. Their intuitive speak to text application learns your speech pattern as you use it. The user interface looks dated, but it’s functional and easy to use for medical providers. The system allows users to handle medication and e-prescribe. Rather than having pop-up warnings, DocLinks has a different strategy that avoids that problem. DocLinks allows providers and staff to create notes using several technologies. Their hybrid notes system allows for one section of notes to be generated by crop down menus and check boxes, while the other portion is generated by human or automated transcription.

  1. Chart Logic

Although Chart Logic was one of the first EMRs in the industry, the user interface looks out of date and is hard to use compared to other platforms. Chart Logic does allow for providers to use their voice to write notes. They claim that you can complete a unique patient record in 90 seconds or less with their PrecisionVoice feature. Their platform is customizable with modules. Like the other EHR/EMRs on this list, ChartLogic allows the user to ePrescribe medication and manage billing. Their platform allows you to do your charting on one screen which minimizes clicks and additional screens. They also have a patient portal which allows providers to engage with their patients.