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Within any work environment, there is a need to understand that many personality types exist in which people tend to be acclimated to. Furthermore, that personality type may be correlated with certain learning styles as well.

According to the five-factor model (FFM), there are five significant personality traits based on implications of human experience. They are as follows:

Open to New Experiences

If you possess this type of personality trait, there is a strong chance that you are a visual learner. There is an appreciation for adventure, curiosity and even art in some instances. When a person is open to new ideas, this tends to reflect a strong degree of intellect along with imaginative tendencies. However, if there is too much openness, this can be depicted as having a lack of focus along with some level of unpredictability.

Best way to communicate with employees: Keep an open mind and develop clear communication channels among each person that you work with. When this is done, each person will feel appreciated.


This type of personality trait involves an efficient person who has a strong tendency to be organized. When it comes to learning style, there is a chance that visuals are reflected, however, this person may also prefer reading and writing since there is an ability to reflect on information within his or her own time frame. In most cases, these learners tend to be avid readers and they have the ability to present themselves through a reserved, but intellectual demeanor.

Best way to communicate with employees: Maintain your strong organization skills, but do not be afraid to open up to your employees if there are new ideas that can be implemented. Maintain a strong stance and be confident in your abilities!


This person tends to have very high energy along with positive emotions which can impact many people. The learning style that best reflects this personality trait can be visual, auditory or kinesthetic depending on the situation. For those who are very outgoing, they may prefer listening or viewing images, but there are also many people who would rather have hands on experience when learning about specific topics. In some cases, there are times when extraversion may come off as attention seeking, but there is a chance that simulation within an organization is possible as long as positive factors are reflected.

Best way to communicate with employees: Keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of high energy! Consider the impact of your actions, but do not lose your excitement.


This personality trait is similar to the one discussed previously, however the energy levels are toned down slightly. Instead, a person who is agreeable has the tendency to be very friendly and there is a sense of trustworthiness as well. The learning style that best fits this trait is auditory since there is a chance to listen to others and even speak if necessary. Moreover, repetition through the use of mnemonic devices can be used as well which can be very helpful.

Best way to communicate with employees: Consider different perspectives within the work environment and if there are new ideas that can be implemented, do not be afraid to state your mind in a professional manner.


With this personality trait, a person tends to be nervous and even sensitive during many situations. Unpleasant emotions tend to be derived in an easy manner and there is a chance of increased anger and anxiety compared to many other people that he or she is surrounded by. The learning style that can best reflect this personality trait is reading and writing since there is a chance to control the parameters that are being presented. Unfortunately, when a person has this type of personality trait, they may come off as unstable which can be detrimental for a work environment.

Best way to communicate with employees: Listen to each person carefully, but be honest and clear about the different parameters that may be taking place within the environment. Sometimes, it is best to take a step back and trust your colleagues while implementing your own input as well.

Which personality and learning style best suits you? How do you cope with others with different traits?

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