Virtual Reality Companies for Improved Pain Management

Firsthand Technology for relief of pain

Present chronic pain treatment primarily includes narcotics, the effectiveness of which is reduced over time. According to a variety of studies that were enlisted by Firsthand, virtual reality decreases the period of thinking about pain by 48%, whereas narcotics just by 10%. It’ll decrease the unpleasantness of severe pain by 38%, while this number is just 16% in the instance of opioids. In addition, the fun element of virtual reality isn’t comparable to that of painkillers: 983% boost in a “better feeling” vs. 33% reduction of joy when using narcotics.
The company based in San Francisco has been a portion of pioneering teams of researchers who’ve established the industry of virtual reality pain control and assisted in building the first virtual reality pain alleviation app, SnowWorld. Firsthand Technologies provide practical and affordable virtual reality hardware kits and their corresponding software, Cool! and Glow! Its first one will follow you on a path through changing seasons or a beautiful landscape, whereas the second allows you to draw amazing light creatures using your hands. The kits are available for single patients, and additionally for hospitals.

AppliedVR for decrease of pain in hospital settings

The start-up that was born out of Lieberman Research Worldwide, a global market research company, provides VR solutions particularly for hospitals. They perform clinical research around the effectiveness and usability of how virtual reality assists patients all throughout their healing journey, to better acquire, design, as well as make validated therapeutic virtual reality content more accessible at scale within medical settings.
They’ll brand themselves as a “Netflix” channel of validated therapeutic content. Top hospitals in virtual reality ongoing trials and research, like the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center within LA, Children Hospital in Boston or UCLA partnered up with appliedVR to test the advantages of the technology for instance in decreasing labor pain.

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