Full Practice Audit/E-Assessment

We will audit the practice’s operations in key areas, and develop an easy-to-follow report detailing how the practice performs in the areas of: Operations, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Billing and Coding Practices, Finances, Risk and Compliance Management, Safety of Patient Care and Care Coordination, Patient-Centered Care, and Revenue Diversification. The practice’s final report will include our findings, benchmarking charts comparing the practice’s performance to industry standards in the area, as well as easy-to-follow recommendations for improvement to optimize processes, achieve greater patient and employee satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Our final report will include:

  • Summary reports of our anonymous Patient and Employee Satisfaction Surveys, along with all completed surveys.
  • Narrative report from our Mystery Patient describing his or her experience with the practice as a new patient.
  • Coding Audit Report.
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis.
  • Financial Analysis report after we have reviewed your financial statements and management reports with our CPA.
  • Workflow Analysis and Recommendations for Workflow Improvement.
  • Risk and Compliance Analysis.
  • Discussion of new cost-effective IT solutions.
  • Benchmarking Charts comparing your performance on key metrics with the performance of similar practices in your area.


*Note: A virtual version of this service is also available, in which we do not travel to the facility and therefore are not able to provide some of the features of this comprehensive onsite audit. This e-Assessment is offered at a lower price.


Accounts Receivable Analysis and Review of Billing and Collection Practices

We will audit your current Accounts Receivable and provide you with a report on your billing department’s performance in AR management, as well as recommendations on how to collect as much of your revenue as possible. We can also provide ongoing remote AR management services to reduce denied claims and increase faster and greater revenue.


Security Risk Assessment (Required yearly for MIPS and Meaningful Use Reporting)

We will evaluate your practice’s security and privacy safeguards to ensure that you are compliant with all regulations, and review your existing security policies and procedures to ensure they are sufficient to be effective, currently operational, and meet compliance programs appropriate for the size of your organization. This could help you avoid an embarrassing and costly security breach and protect you in the event of an ONC audit, while providing you with the necessary documentation to satisfy MIPS and Meaningful Use requirements.


Coding Audit

We will ensure that your providers are following correct coding guidelines, eliminating the possibility of potential fraudulent activity audits. Correct coding will lead to greater and faster reimbursement as less claims will be denied, and your practice will be paid appropriately for the levels of care that it is providing. We can do a one-time audit and educate your providers and management on correct coding guidelines. We can also provide ongoing remote coding services to eliminate the need of hiring, training, and retaining a Full Time Coder.