Credentialing and Contracting with health insurances payers

We will work with your practice to determine which insurance payers you would like to contract with. We will then contact those insurance payers and inquire about your physician or practice joining their network. If the insurance payer is accepting new providers, we will gather the necessary practice information and credential your providers with those payers. We can also renegotiate contracts to match increases in your expenses.


Ongoing AR Management Assistance (after Analysis)

We will help you keep your AR management on track by providing regular reports, tracking common denial trends, providing recommendations for improvement, and helping coordinate the collection activities of your billing staff.


Prior Authorization Management

We will save your practice the hassle of obtaining prior authorizations for services and procedures, reducing labor cost. We will ensure that all authorizations are obtained on time so that your practice can get paid for all services that it provides.


Referral Management

We will help you close the referral and transition of care loop by ensuring that your referrals are being sent out on time, and that your patients and specialists are contacted to make sure that the referral was successful. We will also obtain the specialist’s progress notes and attach them to the patient’s chart. Our services will help you cut labor costs, and will give you peace of mind that your referral process is taken care of. Our services will also eliminate many phone calls from patients wondering about the status of their referrals and other such questions.


Development of Manuals and Handbooks

We will help you create the policies and procedures necessary and help organize them into easy-to-follow manuals and handbooks, such as your Operations Manual, Employee Handbook, Training Manuals, Privacy and Security Policies Manual (after Security Risk Assessment), etc.


Development of Employee On-boarding, Training, and Retention Program

Your employees are the most vital part of your practice. It is crucial that your employees are qualified, well-trained, and patient-oriented. Happy employees provide great service, and help your practice function like a well-oiled machine. We will help you create a workplace environment that employees are happy to be a part of, and that allows them to achieve their greatest performance potential.