MIPS Reporting and Consulting

We will work with the provider or practice to complete MIPS reporting and avoid financial penalties to their Medicare reimbursement. We will also provide consulting on how to earn positive payment increases in future years. We can help you on a continuous basis throughout the year to ensure that you are on track to earn a high MIPS score and the positive payment increases that come with it, and complete your reporting at the end of the year. Your MIPS score will be publicly displayed on the Medicare website – make sure that your score does not jeopardize your reputation and credibility.

HEDIS Reporting and Consulting

We will work with your practice to ensure that you are meeting your HEDIS requirements and earning financial incentives. We will help your practice do the legwork to meet the quality measure requirements – appointment setting, reviewing medical records, communicating with practice providers, communicating with insurance payers, etc. Better performing HEDIS providers are marked as “Preferred Providers” on Medicaid plan websites, and are assigned more patients as well.

Meaningful Use Reporting and Consulting

For the providers that are still eligible to complete their Meaningful Use reporting requirements, we can help guide you in this process to ensure that you can successfully attest and receive the financial incentives.