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Healthcare Management Consulting and Training

One Week Full Practice Audit

Sometimes it takes an outside Consultant to evaluate your practice’s performance from a fresh perspective in order to identify potential areas of weakness which can be improved in order to achieve greater efficiency, increased patient and employee satisfaction, and increased practice revenue. At the end of our one-week Full Practice Audit, you will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report detailing how your practice performs in the areas of: Operations, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Billing and Coding Practices, Finances, Risk and Compliance Management, Safety of Patient Care and Care Coordination, Patient-Centered Care, and Revenue Diversification.

Additionally, you will receive:

* Summary reports of our anonymous Patient and Employee Satisfaction Surveys, along with all completed surveys.

* Narrative report from our Mystery Patient describing his or her experience with your practice as a new patient.

* Coding Audit Report.

* Accounts Receivable Analysis.

* Financial Analysis report after we have reviewed your financial statements and management reports with our CPA.

* Workflow Analysis and Recommendations for Workflow Improvement.

* Risk and Compliance Analysis

* Discussion of new cost-effective IT solutions.

* Benchmarking Charts comparing your performance on key metrics with the performance of similar practices in your area.

**Travel expenses may apply

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e-Assessment (Virtual Full Practice Audit)

Our e-Assessment service is available for practices who do not need us to visit the practice. This service will be performed virtually, and will provide you with a detailed report of our recommendations for improvement based on the information that you share with us through email, phone or video conferences, and remote desktop connections if necessary. Most of the Full Practice Audit features remain (see above) with the exception of Workflow Analysis, which we accomplish by shadowing your employees and observing processes as they happen, Risk and Compliance Analysis in which we evaluate your practice’s adherence to HIPAA and OSHA regulations, and our Mystery Patient experience which allows you to gain insight on how new patients view your practice.

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New practice startup guidance

Opening a medical practice takes an extensive amount of research, preparation, paperwork, and compliance audits. We offer our clients guidance in starting up their medical practice, and will work with them in setting up an operational, federal and state regulation-compliant medical practice. We will also assist them with their strategic planning and marketing campaign.

Service includes:

  • Development of practice mission, vision, and core values statement
  • Assistance with acquisition of malpractice insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, business liability insurance, and others
  • Assistance with payroll setup
  • Assistance with development of employee benefits structure
  • Assistance with hiring and interviewing of employees
  • Assistance with HIPAA and OSHA compliance
  • Development of list of services and fee schedules
  • Set up of Billing Process
  • Development of marketing strategies.


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Add-on Services for new practices

(recommended to purchase along with New Practice Start up Guidance service)

  • Credentialing of practice physicians and other providers, and contracting with various insurance payers – request quote
  • Advanced Marketing and Public Relations services – according to your budget
  • Development of Operations Manual, Employee Handbook, Security and Privacy (HIPAA) Manual, OSHA Manual, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan – request quote
  • Social Media Marketing – see description
  • Custom website development with content developed by professional writers with healthcare management experience – see description
  • Blog written by professional writers with healthcare management experience – see description


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Healthcare management consulting and workflow analysis

Managing a medical practice is far from easy, and sometimes it takes an outside consultant to offer suggestions on how to improve operations. We will provide the Client with a clearly outlined overview of the practice’s current operational status, including financial metrics, administrative inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, and benchmark data. This data will be presented in easy-to-read reports with charts and graphs projecting future successes. Areas of weakness will be discussed and an efficient process improvement plan will be implemented.

Service includes:

  • Thorough analysis of current practice operations presented in an easy to follow report with performance charts and comparison to industry standards
  • Development of recommendations for improvement in areas of weakness
  • Assistance with implementation of recommendations
  • Progress reports


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Leadership and management training

Bringing out untapped employee potential is crucial to the success of any organization, and this is not possible without a savvy, competent, and emotionally intelligent leader. We will work with the organization’s existing or new manager to achieve greater employee engagement, workplace morale, productivity, and overall performance. We will review appropriate Human Resources practices, to ensure that all employee relations are compliant with federal and state regulations. We will provide management training on best practices, knowledge, and resources needed to manage employee issues.

Training addresses topics such as:

  • Employee recruitment and interviewing techniques
  • Review of common HR laws
  • Improving employee performance through continuous training
  • Improving employee productivity through various incentive systems
  • Addressing frequent employee tardiness and absenteeism
  • Improving workplace morale and group dynamics


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Patient Satisfaction Training

Empowering and motivating your employees is crucial in order to train autonomous, responsible, and productive employees. It is important for every employee to know that he or she can make a difference. When employees know that what they do matters, they will actually enjoy doing it. Happy employees not only boost workplace morale, but they are also more productive and engaged in their work—resulting in greater patient satisfaction. We will work with the practice’s employees, individually or in group settings, and share best practices on dealing with difficult patients, increasing front desk collections, and achieving superior patient satisfaction overall. We will also review healthcare-specific customer service regulations including HIPAA and OSHA.

Training addresses topics such as:

  • Making great first impressions
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Dealing with difficult patients
  • Asking for patient payments, including old balances
  • Overview of HIPAA and OSHA regulations


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Retainer Consulting

We can develop an ongoing relationship with the practice, in which we will serve as a resource for any questions or issues that may arise in daily operations. We will respond to all inquiries within 2 hours (but usually much sooner). If extensive research is required for a specific issue or question, we will acknowledge the request and come back with an answer as soon as possible. We will provide recommendations and solutions to problems that may arise. Practice progress reports will be created and reviewed monthly.

Service includes:

  • Continuous assistance with issues or questions that may arise
  • Response within 2 hours or less (unless extensive research is required)
  • Recommendations and solutions to problems that may arise
  • Monthly practice performance reporting


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Development of Manuals and Handbooks

Development of:

  • Operations Manual – a “how to” guide that outlines practice processes
  • Employee Handbook – defines employee rights and common practice policies.
  • Security and Privacy (HIPAA) Manual – outlines practice processes and policies that ensure HIPAA compliance
  • OSHA Manual – outlines practice processes and policies that ensure OSHA compliance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan – defines actions to be taken by the practice in the event of a significant disaster that affects practice operations


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Recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and retention of employees

Assistance with practice staffing, including recruitment and selection of employees. Development of employee benefits, salary, and incentive structure to ensure that employees are satisfied and dedicated to practice growth and success.

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Meaningful Use Assistance

Assistance with attesting for the CMS Meaningful Use program, which requires that practices meet multiple various measures that display that they are using their EHR system in a “meaningful” way. The Meaningful Use program offers significant financial incentives to practices that attest successfully. Each provider at the practice (MD and ARNP) can attest and receive individual incentive payment for the practice.

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National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Accreditation

Practices in areas designated as rural HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area) locations who meet required Medicaid patient volumes are able to get accredited as a National Health Service Corps site. Such an accreditation will make the practice an eligible loan forgiveness site, which allows new providers with student loans to have these loans repaid as long as they are working at the practice. This is a great tool for provider recruitment and retention. We are able to guide you through this application process.

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